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Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Well i don't know the actual size of my games in total but i took some screensers.

At this second my actual game install folder on my storage drive is only 46.2GB but that includes Starcraft 2, Trackmania 2 & Origin.

Aren't you the fellow that has that thread about having like 800+ steam games installed? If so I figure you to be pushing a TB.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I got 2 drives for my games, One for Steam Games and the other for Non-Steam Games... Non-Steam is a 750GB Drive with 300GB Free, Steam Games is a 750GB Drive with 175GB Free. o_0
Wow, impressive.

I imagine if I installed every game I own, Steam or not, I'd probably fill up my 640GB HDD. However I'm trying to convert my collection to be entirely optical media-free. I think some of the older DOS games I love I may never get to have a "digital" copy but so far I'm making pretty good progress.
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