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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I don't know the codenames for keplar very well but if you're referring to the GeForce 680, it'll be considerably faster than the 7970. nVidia does have a history of nearly doubling previous generation performance. GTX 480 was almost double what the GTX 280 delivered, GTX 280 was almost double the 8800GTX, so on and so forth. When nVidia goes from one generation to the next they are pretty good about doubling the performance.

However I'm sure AMD has a refresh in the works that'll launch not too long after Kepler's top-end part (within a month or so) that'll be able to keep up. It's going to be an odd, but interesting, year.
GK104 is suppose to be Fermi G114 replacement (560TI flavors, except 448core), lol one leak said it will feature 768cores, other 1536, then 1000, but now 576cores

this was the funniest leak yet, check at GK100 - 580gtx replacement and GK104 specifications

Then this

and now this (bratwurst in the background lol xD)

I hope im wrong about that driver level part, though.

Rollo nvidia representative here is a really good advice, tell Nvidia that they shouldn't be so cheap when designing this "cheaper" GK104 version, dont push everything on driver (Fermi G104/114 version was bad enough ), im sure your lovely customers will pay 10-20$ more in favor to have less software driver trouble, I know I would.. hehe that's why I went with this 570gtx in the first place
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