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Thumbs down Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Two days ago I got a message my steam account was suspended. No reason give just contact support. So I did immediately, 2 F**King days ago. No reply yet, no phone number, no chat box, some ancient "I'll get to you whenever I feel like it" web support portal that doesn't even tell you anything like when they might grace you with help. Apparently there is no priority system. Last time I contacted support was for a trivial bug report regarding print receipt not working, thought it took them so long to get back to me because it wasn't really a high priority problem, but I guess I was wrong. Suspended account, that is the very definition of a f**king important, high priority, get off your a** and get in contact with the f**king customer kind of problem.

There should be a law that a "service" type company like Steam can't jerk around users for support that have account access issues within 24 hours or they are fined. Hell it should be illegal that steam a service located in the USA does NOT have a f**king phone number to call for support on account related issues.

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