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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Still nothing.

Suspensions can occur because of someone else trying to use the account according to the FAQ, but I only use the account on one PC. I can't see how anyone could have used it considering I have steam guard on and I haven't gotten that email that you get the verification code when steam guard does it's thing.

I thought maybe something went wrong with my CC when I bought the $1.25 game the day before the suspension. Like maybe the bank flagged the charge since the steam sale did just end and I placed several orders of small amounts over several days, but that isn't it since all charges are there and is posted on my CC activity. So now I really have no clue at all.

I really think their whole system is flawed now that I am experiencing it where there is an urgency. They basically cut off the customer completely for some issue with the account. They didn't even try to contact the customer via email as to why. You'd think that contacting the customer would be priority one. Steam to me is like a bank, I have several thousand dollars invested in there, they detected a problem locked the account which would seem reasonable, but they gave me no notice except me not being able to access it, then gave me no way to quickly contact them other than going through some physical mail address located across the country with no other delivery option but horse. It's just pathetic. If they don't have the ability to get back to people in 24 hours then they don't have enough people and should hire some more.

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