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Originally Posted by K007 View Post
omg @ backing up into dvd's -.-!....i tried that once...went through 3 dvd's...and said..**** this lol!!..

i think buying a new hdd is easier.. (once prices go back to normal)

i label my hdd's and i copy the directory structure and put it on a excel spreadsheet i have, and each tab is a hdd so if i am searching for something i just search in there...plug the hdd via e-sata...and bam i am in..

this method..not recommended when prices for a 2tb hdd is $350+AU lol....used to be $120~
You only have to back up to disc once. If you do it each time you buy a game, it's not hard.

However, going through an entire library ex post facto is daunting lol.

FWIW, DVD's are still cheaper per GB. Especially now.
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