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Default Re: 5.3GB of memory in use, and all I have open is uTorrent

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
, looks like it was the torrents, I killed my connection and memory dropped back to normal, didn't even need to close utorrent. I didn't want to have to interupt it because it took forever to get up to speed. Might be time to look for a different torrent program.
I really doubt its utorrent itself, I've never had any issues with it, and up until last month I used it a LOT (now I use usenet for my free sh*t, it's far better.)

Anyways if you killed your connection and the problem went away, then I'd suspect a memory leak in your NIC driver. Torrents generate a large amount of small packets to and from numerous destinations and sources. If you have a problem with utorrent, odds are you're going to have the same problem with other torrent clients as well.
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