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Unhappy GTX 280 no video and unusual fan action

I bought a GTX 280 about four years ago, and it was a great card. Played through many a game with it and never had any problems. Now however there is an issue, when I turn on my computer the graphics card fan stutters low - high - low - high and then maintains maximum speed yet produces no video. I dual boot on the machine both Debian sid and windows 7, so originally I suspected some kind of driver cleanup conflict but now that seems unlikely as I can not even see the POST/diagnostic information from my motherboard. It is worth noting that the machine still boots without the card, it just does not access it. For instance, if I let it boot to the default OS, Debian, I can then ssh into the box and see that (almost) everything is normal. On linux I was using the packaged nvidia source and binaries, but now when I try to insert the module it says that a compatible device was not found. I can attach some relevant logs if needed. But the most interesting part is in syslog where I get a message saying
 #PME disabled
. Also, if I physically separate the card from the board and then reinsert it, I can still get a boot with video, and when I do the temps are fine. I can even play starcraft 2 with no problems. Also, memtest was run overnight and passed with zero errors, and the power levels supplied by the power supply unit are within normal ranges. My question to you fine gentlemen, is it time to get a new card?

Some hardware id's:

ASUS p5ql pro
8 GB of ddr2 from g. skill
core 2 quad @ 2.83 ghz stock

Thanks for your time.
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