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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by ReclusiveMan View Post
Hey buddy: Are you dense or something? You act as though you're some sort of calm, Mister **** together type about everything.
Bob is a pretty good guy, he doesn't "act as" anything.

Originally Posted by ReclusiveMan View Post
Guess what? Steam is a business, not a hostel or a gypsy bar. It does matter in an enterprise, what or how much someone has purchased. And the response time should be way shorter as well.
Actually, legally it does not. Most successful businesses will often value their most profitable customers, but not all of them do.

Originally Posted by ReclusiveMan View Post
Why is the technology world filled with sexless narcissists that seem to think nothing matters and that it is in fashion to act like people are all stupid for speaking?


In short: why dont you go **** your self you fat piece of ****.
I think you're reading too far into his responses, not to mention being a douche.
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