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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by ReclusiveMan View Post

Guess what? Steam is a business, not a hostel or a gypsy bar. It does matter in an enterprise, what or how much someone has purchased. And the response time should be way shorter as well. Why is the technology world filled with sexless narcissists that seem to think nothing matters and that it is in fashion to act like people are all stupid for speaking?

you're an intelligent one, aren't you. in a perfect world, yes, the response time should be quick, however with 30 million unique accounts, does it not seem rational that the response time will be anything but quick. expecting quick responses from steam is just stupid, not to mention the number of games you bought to affect leniency towards a steam user breaking the rules so me, who has less than 50 games, should get banned when my payment doesn't go through, but someone with 400 shouldn't? or they should get some special treatment?
regardless of the reason that he got banned, in steam's eyes, he broke the rules, and as such, should be punished as per their regular protocol. this isn't rocket science
EDIT: consider this a warning. your original post has been edited. personal attacks will not be tolerated on this forum.
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