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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
bob... you're short, funny looking, and smell bad. And WTF is up with your hair?

/bob_saget personal attack

But seriously... Valve isn't a brick and mortar store that you walk into and get service from. If you want brick and mortar company type of service, buy from one instead of Steam.
Therein lies the problem.

What happens if you go to wally world...pick up a copy of skyrim, then load it up only to be forced into steamworks....then steam suspends your account and you can't play skyrim?

I know what i'd do...I'd crack that game like a coconut..since I paid for it. It's mine..and I have a right to use what I've paid for.

But when you have the majority of your games through steam you risk losing access to something you've paid for.(I'm not arguing whether you own it, or subscribe to it) Plain and simple you'd paid something for it.


I wasn't insulted in the least. I did read their TOS and I will not purchase any games through steam because of it.

I'll buy a hard copy from a retailer. If it's steamworks and they screw me around. Visa will ensure my money is returned promptly leaving me no worse for wear.
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