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Default Be Careful What You Download

I don't even know when it was downloaded ,but it was called Babylon-toolbar.I am pretty careful when I download stuff ,but it was hidden in something that I downloaded.They had it looking like google toolbar ,so I really did'nt notice untill my mouse started jerking and then I got a warning that my temperture was running high.I look at coretemp and the first and secound showed 84c and the other two showed 78c.I did'nt know what was happing,first I thought my fan when out ,but it was fine.Then I thought my cpu might be going bad or my motherboard since it was in a house that burned.I looked at my process in task manger and nothing look like it should draw much power to heat all my cores.I went to google to hunt something up and I notice in the adress bar it was not google.come ,but something call Babylontollbarss.comI knew that was'nt right so I went to uninstall it ,but it would'nt uninstall.So I went to google and found a Special Uninstaller which uninstall part of it and the rest to uninstall the redit was going to cost nearly $30.I used my norton registry cleaner and it got evething but the main problem,but it now would show in my Task manger issx.explorer at 99,so I deleted that and everthing went back to normal,my temps are back to 38c,38c to 36c,36c.A long story short be careful what you download ,it may look harmless but have very hidden dangous stuff inside it.
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