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Default Re: Using Optical Out in HTPC With Xfi.

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
True, but is the quality of the audio from the HDMI good enough to that of xfi?
You have properties on the XFI you can adjust unlike on the hdmi passthrough.

I use the blue 50 dollar version of the xfi pci-ex with optical, but if i spend the
extra hundred bucks and get the fatality version with the black casing, will the
optical sound better?
It will sound the same from the optical, and i bet you it'll sound the same from the analogue outs as well.

A few years ago I decided to pay the extra money as the hardware difference between the xfi fatality (pci version) and my old audigy2 i figured was warranted. Better asio support (very important in music production which I do) and also the front i/o panel which I opted out for with the audigy2 along with the eax5 support for gaming.

Now, if you pop in a dvd/bluray movie the digital sound will not be affected by the sound card at all. Pass-through literary means pass through and the decoding process will be for your sound receiver/tv
There will be no sound quality difference.

My card will do all kinds of up mixing from stereo to surround or adding some filters and reverb in "theater" mode though I do not consider that as an enhancement so I just leave the card in "Audio creation" mode to get away from creatives enhancements when I listen to music.

I think the enhancements work well enough for my music collection and movies but I always notice it in a negative way in the music I have composed and created my self. If i wanted these "enhancements" I would have added them my self directly to the source audio file directly in the daw.
But I think the cheaper x-fi cards also got these optional enhancements yes?
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