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Originally Posted by praka123 View Post
I have upgraded to Gnome3(version:3.2) in Debian Testing.
In Gnome-Shell(Gnome3) Session, Firefox shows misaligned pages, particularly the ones having more images,flash etc. also, jerky scrolling. it occurs in random websites. I managed to capture one image when I was posting a youtube video to a forum:
distro: Debian wheezy/sid
i have same problem but in openSUSE 12.1 with KDE 4.7.
before installing nvidia 290.10, openSUSE and its KDE worked very fine and smooth but after installing nvidia 290.10 driver, system performance decreased. Firefox scrolling became slow, pdf documents scrolling became slow, and when i start firefox system freezes for about 10 seconds and etc.
how can i solve the problem?
My System: Hp pavilion dv2690ee notebook, Intel core2due 2.4 GH CPU, 3MB Cache, 250 GB HDD, 2 GB Ram, nvidia Gforce 8400M Gs Graphic
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