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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

As much as I love my AMD video cards, their drivers do have problems.

For example, when I first bought my 5770 around august of 10 I believe it was, newer games ran great on it. Go to fire up MoH:AA or the first CoD- no dice. I believe I had to run the drivers from when the card first came out in order for the games to launch.

Well a couple days ago I had a WWII itch, so I go to fire up CoD. I'm running the latest drivers and don't have anything over clocked, right now everything is running stock.

CoD crashes. I figured being that it is a different video card from my 5770, and also quite a bit of time has passed since my previous attempt to play any older games, you know I just thought it'd work. Nope. And I'm not about to go digging through the archive of drivers trying to find the one that'll let me play an older game. Not when I've got Skyrim, RAGE, and BF3 to occupy my time.

It is frustrating however, I've never had such a problem with any nVidia card I've owned, and I've owned FAR more nvidia based cards than ATi or AMD ones.

I've often wondered- what if I setup an XP virtual machine with, say an emulated GF6800 or whatever. Maybe then I could play those older titles.
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