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Default Re: Using Optical Out in HTPC With Xfi.

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
See the reason i thought maybe to spend some more oney is to get some advanced audio features like THX, or some stuff like the Xfi Crystalizer. And this a six core setup anyway so not wurried about
resources. And i been using the lower priced Xfi for some time now and works great.
It does depend on the source. If you're watching a DVD or BD and are using the optical out Crystalizer wont enhance the audio. Those are pre-determined tracks recorded at the studio. Adding any extra reverb or manipulating the sound with equalizers will only take away from the sound quality. Granted that is in my opinion, yours may differ. It is very much similar to the tone controls on an A/V receiver. When I was a boy most of my friends listened to rap and they loved to turn the Bass all the way up, and the treble all the way down. Sounded like crap to me but to each their own.

If you watched a DVD or BD movie using the optical out on your on-board audio, then went through and watched the movie again this time using the optical out from the most expensive soundcard money could buy- you likely wouldn't be able to discern any difference. It'd sound the same each time you watched it.

If this is stricly, or mostly, for movie play back I'd just rock the on-board audio, or at least ge the cheaper sound card if you must have a sound card.
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