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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Ahh, so you're saying NVs "high end Kepler based part" only just equals the 7970? Does that make it the same failure that you say 7970 was, in fact, doesnt that make it worse, considering relative to NVs own last high end generation, its only 16% faster?

It's no worse that than when ATI released the HD4870 a few weeks before Nvidia released the GTX280 at a much higher price point, only to be forced to lower the price of the GTX280 merely 4 weeks after it was launched( by 150$ no less), when both were compared together and the performance difference between both was minimal....Even Nvidia's CEO was surprised how well the HD4870 turned out performance wise, and it was using a GPU with 500 million fewer transistors(956 million for the RV770 versus 1.4 billion for the GTX 280).

Say what you will about driver issues, but at the hardware level, and for a given transistor budget, ATI/AMD high end GPU's haven't been beat in the last 4+ years, at least not by an Nvidia GPU with the same transistor budget and running at the same clocks, and their latest release now packs 4.3 billion and can run upwards of 1.1 Ghz once overclocked, so an XT edition with higher clocks as soon as Kepler is released isn't out of the question here...Just something to worry nvidia a little more....
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