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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by musman View Post
Because it shows that you are a good paying customer who has a lot of rapport with the business that you have purchased so many things from. At my work I am far more willing to go out of my way for a good customer opposed to some person who has never purchased anything. Or maybe a customer who has only purchased a cable or something small.
i've noticed many businesses (banks and service providers) around my area, especially banks, have started moving away from this stereotype. they say things like "every customer will get the best rate" or "our prices are the same no matter if you are a new or returning customer". obviously the aim here is to build clientele...
but in this case, in steam's eyes, the OP broke a rule. if you saw a customer shoplifting (which is in essence what steam saw), would you treat them differently if they are a new or returning customer? or do you just call the police? steam just called the police

anyways, good to hear the issue will be sorted out.
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