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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
but in this case, in steam's eyes, the OP broke a rule. if you saw a customer shoplifting (which is in essence what steam saw), would you treat them differently if they are a new or returning customer? or do you just call the police? steam just called the police

anyways, good to hear the issue will be sorted out.
Your analogy is wrong. Here the customer went to check out and bought the item, got to the door to find out the security tag was still active or not removed. So the store over reacts and calls the police, who quickly decide to strip the customer naked cause the clothes the customer is wearing was bought from the store at an earlier date. Then the store gets the police to go to the customers home, steal back everything the customer has ever bought from the store over the years. Then tells the customer you will get all the stuff you BOUGHT later after we investigate why the alarm went off, and proceeded to go on a 3 day vacation, while you wait in a jail cell naked telling the police look at the receipt I paid for all of it already.

What steam did was probably written as something they allowed themselves to do in the agreement you click through when you buy anything. It isn't something I know I would have objected to cause I know I am not the kind of person who would charge back anything as long as I know I bought it. Still I got hit by the clause for an error occurring between their end and the banks end. So yeah I am not a happy customer, not because they followed their procedures, but because they seemingly decided to go on vacation while I was trying to get them to tell me what happened and how I can fix it then at the same time removing every game I purchased from my home that I had already clearly paid for that had nothing to do with the incident.

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