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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
let me stop you right there. the bank payment did not go through and he had the game. in steam's eyes, he shoplifted. if you buy something at a store and walk out when the card machine says "declined", what do you call that? lets say the credit card machine said approved, and you walk out, and then it declines. would you say you still shoplifted? i think that's pretty much what happened. did you bother to check if the funds have been removed from your account right after you bought the game?
No that was not shoplifting, you paid for it using your card, you gave them your card #, you OK-ed the transaction authorizing payment, the bank OK-ed the charge said it was covered, the store gave you the merchandise and a receipt of purchase. It's not the customer's responsibility if an error occurred between the customer walking out of the store and the bank turning over the money for the purchase. From that point, it's time for the store and the bank to work together to find out what happened and how to fix it. Contacting the card owner should have be done, but the buyer (yes buyer is the right term) did not shoplift anything, nor should they be accused of it.

I bought the game, steam said it was paid for, steam let me download the game, steam sent me the receipt I paid and it cleared. There is no need for me to check if the funds were removed. It was like every other of the purchases made for steam. But somewhere after steam getting the it's paid for from the bank to them actually receiving the money, steam's payment processor ran into an error that caused the bank to deny payment. The card was never declined, when that happens transactions don't go through, you don't get the game, you receive a message and a email receipt that states the card was denied.

As far as the bank goes they had to look pretty hard to find the transaction that was in question, it took 3 CS calls just to get someone who could find it. The 2 other times, they basically said there was never even an attempt made. Steam on the other hand, instead of just getting in contact with me to sort it out, suspended the account and denied access to all games previously bought and not in question, so yes the analogy I gave was more accurate because in the analogy a procedural error occurred after payment was approved and in this actual steam purchase case, a payment processor made an error after the transaction was approved.

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