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Default Re: Logitech Revue with Google TV

I bought this last week. They were out of stock so I got a refurb from Amazon for $80.

I bought it because I hate my Time Warner set top box so much. I just wanted a better way of browsing available programs.

It succeeds in that I don't have to switch inputs to watch Netflix and the TV browser is a big improvement over what I get with my set top box.

It's good but it could have been amazing.

1. Why doesn't the TV and Movie app you use for browsing shows link to IMDB for plot info, cast and trailers? As it is, I get almost no information about the show I'm browsing/watching. You just get a kind of cover album art graphic for the movie or tv show and a one sentence description.

Currently, I have to type in the name of what I'm watching. Click on the IMDB search result to get info about what I'm watching.

2. I wish I could listen to Pandora while watching my shows in full screen.

3. It's a little slow. Not terrible but not as snappy as you would like.

Overall it enhances your TV for less than $100. That's a good deal. It's just that the things they left out are somewhat baffling.
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