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Question 1920x1440 with GeForce

I'm running Mandrake 9.2 with an NVIDIA GeForce2 200. Mandrake detected the GeForce and installed the nv driver, and I set the screen resolution to 1920x1440, and everything was wonderful -- except OpenGL didn't work.

So I upgraded to the 5328 driver, and OpenGL works... but the nvidia driver doesn't seem to want to go past 1600x1200! I've fiddled with FXDrake until my clicking finger turned blue, to no avail. At 1600x1200, everything works dandy, but at 1920x1440, I get a 1920x1440 virtual desktop at 1600x1200 resolution.

I tried manually playing with the XF86Config-4 file (see attached). With that file, I'm booting to 1600x1200 (no virtual desktop) but FXDrake says I'm running at 1920x1440 (I'm not).

What's going on? How should I set up XF86Config-4 to get me a 1920x1440 resolution?
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