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Last year, we saw many games launched, many of those were AAA titles, and there were issues with CrossFireX support not being available at launch. In fact, sometimes it took AMD a month or more before CrossFireX was working..... is this issue behind us? Apparently not for the 7970 as we still do not have a CFX driver to put together a CrossFireX review.
We have to just sit here with our heads in our hands and wonder why AMD is seemingly trying its best to piss off its customers that spend the most on its retail products; the CrossFireX gamer. We have seen more than a few AMD video card owners openly express that AMDís lacking driver support is pushing them to not consider an AMD GPU for their next buy. And honestly, it is hard to hold that decision against them.

Remember the days of monthly Catalyst Driver releases? Remember the days of Terry Makedon, the "CatalystMaker" pushing those out? That all seemingly ended when Terry moved to CPU marketing and AMD seems to think that all of those efforts are no longer important. Letís sit back and see if AMD squanders what could likely be it best GPU ever.
I don't think AMD has the resources to properly support their products anymore, but why they would make moves like shifting Makedon to CPU marketing has even me scratching my head.

What has AMD been doing all this time? Did they lay off all the people who write drivers?! The 7970 has been in development for years- why would it launch without a Crossfire X driver and still not have one?!
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