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Default Re: VdpauDecoderRender() takes unusually long to complete

This problem for xine users is now more than 2 years old and still not fixed. Since you, nvidia, could not reproduce it, here my question:
Let us assume this would be a bug in xine. xine works with 195.30, but not with later drivers. So later drivers would expose this xine bug, while 195.30 is forgiving it. What changes between 195.30 and 195.36.15 would explain that? Why would the decoder in 195.30 be more forgiving, and in 195.36.15 more picky?

I have tested this thoroughly on a 8400GS and a G210 (GT216).
If you would give me access to 195.36.03 + 08 I would test them as well (of course on my own risk, but I have passive cooled cards with huge heatsinks/pipes and good airflow, so no danger).
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