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Default NVIDIA/Linux setup for VirtualGL on node with no monitor

I was wondering if anyone has a NVIDIA card setup on a Visualization node
that does not have a monitor.

We have a M2070Q on a Viz node for remote graphics via VirtualGL/TuboVNC
and this configuration works without a problem from one workstation to another

The main differences are:
1. Use of the M2070Q on the Viz node
2. Monitor on the workstation and booting to X11

Both are running the same NVIDIA 290 driver (but i have also tried the 270).

I was not sure if I was missing something with the M2070Q configuration
or some special settings.

Here is what I see from vglrun with trace:

vglrun +tr -d :1 glxspheres64
[VGL] dlopen ( flag=1 retval=0x7f51b71664c8)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=NULL flag=257 retval=0x3be9a21188)
[VGL] dlopen ( flag=1 retval=0x019325c0)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=NULL flag=1 retval=0x3be9a21188)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=/lib64/ flag=1 retval=0x7f51b71664c8)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=/lib64/ flag=1 retval=0x7f51b7662660)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=/lib64/ flag=1 retval=0x7f51b7165000)
[VGL] dlopen ( flag=1 retval=0x7f51b7164000)
[VGL] dlopen (filename=NULL flag=1 retval=0x3be9a21188)
[VGL] dlopen ( flag=1 retval=0x7f51b71664c8)
Polygons in scene: 62464
[VGL] XOpenDisplay (name=NULL
[VGL] XQueryExtension (dpy=0x01946080(:1.0) name=XKEYBOARD *major_opcode=0 *fi
rst_event=170 *first_error=1 ) 0.042915 ms
[VGL] dpy=0x01946080(:1.0) ) 1.899958 ms
[VGL] glXChooseVisual (dpy=0x01946080(:1.0) screen=0 attrib_list=[0x0004 0x0008=
0x0008 0x0009=0x0008 0x000a=0x0008 0x000c=0x0001 0x0005 ] Xlib: extension "GLX"
missing on display ":1.0".
ERROR (596): Could not obtain RGB visual with requested properties

vglrun glxinfo -v
Just returns the; lib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0"

Any hints would be appreciated.

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