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Default Re: Wozniak: My iPhone can't do what my Android can.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
All the problems you listed, I do not consider common. I never get those issues, and I setup my dad's phone to sync with Outlook, and he never gets those issues. Furthermore, your friends should be able to fix all the issues you listed.

With about 20-30 min. of tweaking and your friends should be able to completely fix all of their issues. HTC's even have unlocked bootloaders. There are multiple options available. First, whatever app your friend is using to sync with Outlook sounds like garbage. I will ask my dad which app I setup on his phone (there are a few out there, I forget the exact one I used). Second, slowdowns can be prevented by changing the amount of memory to keep free (stock ROM's are often too aggressive with that). Finally, having to restart the UI indicates that he's using a bad app/process that keeps crashing. If it really is part of the internals (i.e. the ROM), then he could easily use a custom ROM, which can not only improve stability, but increase battery life.

I don't normally suggest all this, but you said they're tech savvy, so they should be capable of fixing their problems...

Android is like Windows. You need to know what you're installing and what's going on.
My question is why should you HAVE to tweak and tinker to get a device that works like it should? It's almost like you have to tinker with Android phones to get them to a stable and usable state. My iPhone has had the ringtone and wallpaper changed, that's it, no tinkering involved and it's perfect; no slowdowns, zero issues.

I've been in the IT business for a little while now and while I should "want" to tinker like all the other geeks, I think it's just a huge waste of time. Lots of other things in life that I would rather devote my time to. Just being honest.

I'm honestly not trolling here but it seems like manufacturers hand you a half-arsed phone with bloatware and expect you to do the rest of the job. "So I spend $200-$300 on this phone and it's only half way ready for me to use? You mean I have to tweak it to get the right memory settings just so I don't have slowdowns on my PDFs or apps? Guess I'll root and flash just to get rid of this bloat." Screw that noise. I say do it right the first time or don't do it at all.

/phone rant

I've got mah flamesuit on for you guys
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