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Default Re: Wozniak: My iPhone can't do what my Android can.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Thanks for the tips Vin! I'm not sure what apps and versions they're using. I just heard their complaints and noticed how they had to use their phones and I was just glad that I don't have to deal with this. The only thing I know is that the default HTC messenger and eMail client caused the Sense UI to crash, that's pretty embarrassing

I'm not saying that those issues are common. It's not one guy that suffers from all of those. Just a "collection" of issues from all those HTC users.

The Windows (or in my opinion even Desktop Linux) comparison is a good one. That's probably the reason why Microsoft decided to approach the mobile market with a concept on its own, different then Windows on the PC
Yea a lot of companies try to use their own apps like mail and stuff that are just terrible. Verizon has a mail client that sucks too. I use K9 Mail. It supports multiple accounts, keeps them separate, and has plenty of good options. It's also good with memory management.
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