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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
No I understand there was no NEED to check your bank account, however it is always a good idea to do so after some transactions, just to make sure everything is ship shape. Maybe if you looked, you would notice the error and have contacted them earlier... Given that they can legally lock people out of hundreds of games, I assume the reason why they lock you out is to get your attention. Being the big bad dog in the neighborhood that they are, rather than contacting you, they force you to contact them. Maybe it is unethical but from their point of view, they probably get people running back, paying whatever was owed to get their games back. If they just send polite emails saying "you owe us some money, but there will not be any consequences if you don't pay", I am sure people will not be paying as fast
The other thing is, what if you had exploited the system flaw on purpose, bought the game as a gift, and gifted to another account? Do they suspend both accounts? Do they only suspend one but leave the game?
Like I have said earlier, I can understand them suspending the account. I know it is the best way to get your attention, but they didn't tell you a) Why your account was suspended, and b) the most major fault, took 3.5 days from the time I did contact them till they replied to tell me what was wrong. Suspending an account is a BIG deal and if they choose to do it that way I can understand, but they better dam well have the support structure to resolve issues quickly. If they can't reply in a minimum of 24 hours each message, they don't have a big enough staff period.

And no they aren't doing suspensions to get your attention. They are using it as a tool to get what they want obviously anytime anything payment related has an issue. Even though we are communicating via this insanely slow web site support system with a over 3 day wait period, they did not offer to change the account status from suspended to locked after I contacted them as we worked on how to fix the problem, nor did they change the status to locked after I requested them to do it because they are taking 3.5 days to reply back. FYI in case you don't know, suspended means you can't login and all your games are unplayable, locked means you cannot buy or trade games, but you can play your already purchased games. From support's replies, they told me they couldn't just charge the card again for the missing funds, because they might be liable for fraud if they did so and the card was actually reported as stolen, so they wanted confirmation from the bank that wasn't the case. Sounds reasonable, so even though I am working with them to resolve the issue and requested they change the account to locked status, they still kept me from all my legally paid for games by keeping my status as suspended. Sorry for me that is pretty dam unethical and really should be illegal.

As far as your question regarding exploiting on purpose, since I have some time on my hands with most of the games I was playing at the moment being on steam, I have read way to many posts on steams forums. From what I have read, yes there was at least one post I have read about that exploited multiple accounts though I am not sure how they were exploiting, but that person's multiple accounts did get perma-suspended/banned. So yeah they can and do track anyone exploiting the system and have a means to deal with it.

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