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Default Re: Wozniak: My iPhone can't do what my Android can.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sounds like the Mail client on my iPhone, which is there for everyone to use.

Why waste time trying and configuring other eMail clients when the one that comes with the smartphone should work in the first place? That whole Android approach is nothing for me. I like messing with stuff, but only if it makes sense. I don't see any sense in this particular example.
The regular Android mail app does that as well. The Verizon mail app is what sucks. K9 is free. I like it even better than the Android mail app.

I also have an iPod Touch 4G, so I know how Mail works. I think K9 is better than Mail.

EDIT: here's the link
It's based on the original Android mail app, they just took that and built on it.
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