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Default Re: Wozniak: My iPhone can't do what my Android can.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No, not with what I see every day at work. A few guys I work with have Android phones, mostly HTC and they constantly have to deal with ridiculous issues:

Enabling some sort of a debug mode to be able to sync with Outlook, crashing HTC Sense which requires a "reboot" of the UI, slow responsiveness to user input, ...

A lot of it is probably HTC related but some Samsung users are also complaining about issues. Not to mention the ultra long delays until they'll get the OS updates! Also some have Android Tables at home for digital newspapers and they're complaining a lot about really slow PDF refresh/reload rates.

And it's also not the user's fault. We're all engineers at work, so we know a thing or two about technology

As mentioned already in another thread, if I had to use an Android phone, I'd get the current Google reference device with stock Android. But I'm soo glad I don't have to use Android other than for some private developing projects...
I have an HTC EVO 4G. I have not had a single one of those issues. Maybe they should stay out of the directories (folders for windows users).

I can probably fix 90% of their issues. Tell them to uninstall "Advanced Task Killer". It does more harm than good.
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