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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by AdamK47 View Post
I'm kinda confused. Say it.

Killed an AX1200 back in November. Bought another one and fixed it with this mod.

Did you even know about this problem before posting?
Yes I know about it, I also know what causes it.

In the case you linked it's mostly due to crap 24 pin connectors on the evga boards. Poor connection between the connectors causes resistance, which causes heat, which causes a melted connector. The mod you did is only placing a band aid over the problem, not fixing it.

Also, how do you know the traces on the motherboard can handle the extra power you can possibly draw through them?

I've had 3 gpu's on my mobo for nearly a year running at 100% load with no signs of a melting connector.

Also, if you notice the wire gauge for the 24 pin on newer power supplies is much larger.

Really, it's your hardware to ruin, I don't really care. Not like your board has the risk of melting a 24 pin anyways.
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