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Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
You're the one making accusations about non existent crossfire support for this latest generation of cards when it is there, and VR-zone is one of the oldest and most respected hardware review sites on the net and they got it working just fine.
Nice straw man argument. I never said CF is non existent, I linked to several professional review sites complaining about a lack of driver support for CF, and various problems with it.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Basically, don't make conclusions out of thin air with no proof to back it up, and i'm not dismissing other sites having issues, but they're likely not even be related to drivers otherwise VR-zone would problems making theirs work too, and it's obviously working fine at that...
It's obviously not "working fine" when six review sites are complaining about it. If people that benchmark cards for a living every day of their lives and have direct access to AMD have problems, what hope do average users have? Besides the fact that AMD actually told PCPerspective there are problems with it:
Please keep in mind that we tried more than our fair share of fixes to try and get these errors corrected even to the point of using a completely different motherboard and system. It was all consistent, and it was all repeatable. When we asked AMD about the issues they basically told that since not many people had a pair of these cards to do CrossFire testing yet, these things weren't out of the ordinary
So you're saying people considering buying two or more AMD 7970s should believe your assessment of the situation instead of direct confirmation problems exist from AMD themselves?

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Edit: all hardware sites get their cards for free when reviewing them, so what was the point of that remark exactly?

Originally Posted by SKYMTL, Hardware Canuck Review Editor
I don't think the issues are widespread.

They have problems with a few games but by no means is Crossfire NOT working.

On the other hand, AMD hasn't seeded reviewers with second HD 7970 cards as promised. That in and of itself says a lot IMO.
So to recap:

1. Seven professional review sites linked to in this thread state there are issues with 7970 CF.
2. AMD themselves says there are issues with 7970 CF.
3. AMD promised review sites multiple 7970s to review CF on them and didn't give review sites multiple 7970s. (although some got them from OEMs)

If I were considering two or more 7970s today, these things would cause me to think twice. AMD clearly launched a product before the drivers were ready. Worse than that, their biggest fansite (HardOCP) has now publicly stated they're not satisfied with the CF drivers for over a year now.

And to you all of this adds up to "there are no issues with CF!". LOL, are you the guy who was supposed to create the 7970 CF drivers and took a vacation instead?
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