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Default Re: Using Optical Out in HTPC With Xfi.

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
See the reason i thought maybe to spend some more oney is to get some advanced audio features like THX, or some stuff like the Xfi Crystalizer. And this a six core setup anyway so not wurried about
resources. And i been using the lower priced Xfi for some time now and works great.
Well this is really subjective, personally I'm not a big fan of X-fi Crystallizer.
It's a multiband compressor which boosts the low and high frequency bands a bit.
You can control the amount but not the frequency ranges.
Working with audio for as many years as I have I can tell you there is no such thing as a "one fit all". It'll sound good with some music/applications and not good at all with others.
In my ears it's mostly not good with anything

The marketing at the time was "makes your mp3 files sound better then cd quallity" which is complete bull. It's like taking a low resolution jpg file and boosting the color ranges a bit. It'll still be low resolution and you can't change that.

Popular music player software do have DSP plugins in which you can achieve the same results as the Crystallizer for your music.

THX isn't a feature, it's a standard and a certificate. Kinda how M$ certifies drivers for windows.

You will not have any use of THX standard unless the rest of your audio equipment is also THX certified as it predetermines the levels and frequency ranges of the receiver and speakers as long as they all conform to this (crossover frequency for the LFE for example).
Simply put, if all your audio equipment is THX certified including the speakers, you need not tweak very much to get movies to sound like they were intended to.

I watch my dvd and bluray on my ps3.
The only instance where I use surround on the pc is with gaming using the Dolby Digital Live add-on driver I bought from Creative for 5$ so I can get surround from games via digital out as analogue out isn't an option for me.
As I understand it this is already included on newer full featured Pci-e X-fi cards such as the Fatality (mine is the old Fatality Champion pci, but it has the same hardware features)

The THX panel options and tweaks doesn't even work under these circumstances presumably because it isn't using the analogue outs I think.

Like I mentioned, the main reasons I upgraded from the Audigy 2 to the X-Fi was for better asio support and the front i/o panel.
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