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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Nice straw man argument. I never said CF is non existent, I linked to several professional review sites complaining about a lack of driver support for CF, and various problems with it.
Perfect drivers don't exist for both brands, as even now in some games, i still get graphics corruption and the GTX580's have been out for a year, or even the odd blue screen of death and it's related to the video card drivers, and yes i am using the latest drivers available.

It's obviously not "working fine" when six review sites are complaining about it. If people that benchmark cards for a living every day of their lives and have direct access to AMD have problems, what hope do average users have? Besides the fact that AMD actually told PCPerspective there are problems with it:

So you're saying people considering buying two or more AMD 7970s should believe your assessment of the situation instead of direct confirmation problems exist from AMD themselves?

Well the proof is in the pudding when i get it all set up and start posting benchmarks now is it, and yes i am expecting a lot of variable scaling, and maybe no scaling at all in some games, wich also happends with my current Nvidia setup too....Drivers are always busted and far from perfect from both companies, and i told you before if the perfect driver was possible, both companies would only release a single driver set for the entire lifespan of the video card and be done with it...
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