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Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Perfect drivers don't exist for both brands
Very true. However, NVIDIA's are not so bad that they have caused a rash of video card reviewers to write articles about all the problems they're having.
This is a GOOD thing shadow. We want buyers to be informed with good information, not just go out and buy 2-4 7970s only to have their favorite game not run or have no scaling because they're lucky enough to have a 25X16 monitor.

Your attitude of "They should just buy the cards because there are driver issues with some games on other cards!" is very puzzling.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Well the proof is in the pudding when i get it all set up and start posting benchmarks now is it, and yes i am expecting a lot of variable scaling, and maybe no scaling at all in some games, wich also happends with my current Nvidia setup too....Drivers are always busted and far from perfect from both companies, and i told you before if the perfect driver was possible, both companies would only release a single driver set for the entire lifespan of the video card and be done with it...
AFAIK you don't have any 25X16 monitors, so you'll only be able to tell us about the games that do/don't work.
(not to mention all rigs are unique , you might not try the same games, etc)

The 7970s appear to have faceplanted on the driver front, on top of not offering enough performance to make someone like me with 3GB GTX580s have any reason to change whatsoever. Even if NVIDIA didn't launch anything this year I'd basically have the same gaming experience as a 7970 CF owner with the added advatages of Physx, more robust 3d, 3d surround, forced AO, and CUDA apps.

And here I was hoping ATi would give me a reason to switch back.
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