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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Driver issues in many games and even more so with crossfire is what is keeping me and has kept me from in the past to going AMD/ATI, i also dont believe i should take the leap because the only game i play that strives for more power is BF3.

Sorry but i might be even tempted to not even bother with a Kepler or a ATI HD7970. I might just wait for Maxwell which will probably be released alongside the next gen consoles. Now that would make more sense because devs are effectivly creating games for PC that could run on consoles....Is it really nessesary at this point to get a huge GPU upgrade but have no games to run on it? Seriously, im a PC enthusiast too, but id sooner keep my money in my wallet than grow a bigger E-peen with a high 3D mark score that in real life means absolutly nothing... BF3 currently runs good for me with my GTX285 at med/high settings in DX10...Is it really worth 500 for that tiny bit more eye candy in just a handfull of games ? I'm guessing anyone with a brain would say no ! I also believe (apart from DX11 features) that my current GPU is capable of running every game high and sometimes with added Antialiasing.

Unless i, like you was running a multi monitor set up maybe with 3D, both of which i would suggest are over priced gimmicks but thats my opinion for what reason would i currently upgrade my GPU for ?

It's cool if you're satisfied wich is what matters in the end no matter how much bull**** PR is fed to us to make products better than they really are, and since you're using a single display and medium/high graphics settings, a single video card is more than enough and it doesn't need to be the latest generation either....

On the Maxwell front though it might be a long wait there since it'll depend on a new fabrication process to deliver it's stated performance goals in single and dual precision floating point math, and with Kepler not out yet, you might be looking at a good 2~3 year wait until maxwell shows up.....
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