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Default Re: 7970 CF issues

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
This has been pointed out to him a million times. He doesn't care or is too dense to understand it. I put him on ignore a while ago, but with everybody quoting him I see that was pointless of me.

The dude is a tool, a shill for nVidia. In all his attempts to place nVidia on a pedestal he does them more harm than good imo. His attempts to promote them as a company result in the exact opposite. I'm really wanting to upgrade my GPU and naturally am hoping keplar brings something to the table but it irks me to think I'd but "on his side". The dude is a lame, old, irritating joke and nothing more.

It's almost like his sole purpose of existance is to run damage control for nVidia. Even when they don't need it, it's his job to slander AMD at every possible turn and sing praise to nVidia.
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