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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Yes I know about it, I also know what causes it.

In the case you linked it's mostly due to crap 24 pin connectors on the evga boards. Poor connection between the connectors causes resistance, which causes heat, which causes a melted connector. The mod you did is only placing a band aid over the problem, not fixing it.
It's a male connector coming off the motherboard. How can a male connector be crap? It's the female side on the PSU that would be the problem not having the necessary slide resistance to keep the connection tight to keep from heat buildup and making the female connector even weaker causing it expand more causing even more of a problem.

Really, it's your hardware to ruin, I don't really care. Not like your board has the risk of melting a 24 pin anyways.
And you wonder why most people think you come off like a jerk all of the time. You sour grape peoples rigs like I have never seen.
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