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Try this: XINE
Easy to install, setup and use

Here are RPMS....
If you installed the version of xine that came with SuSe remove it.
You may need to install xine-libs twice, once before xine-gui, and once after: don't ask me why
Make sure you install the dvd-network package also
type "xine" in a console to run it.
from the Xine menu click dvd: the dvd should play unless you have a funky setup
In that case you have to go the options (which by the way will show up the first time you start), then the input tab, and specify your DVD device.
This would be somthing like /dev/dvd; /dev/cdrom; /dev/sr0 (usally if its a burner too)
After setting up the device exit and rerun Xine and try to play your DVD again.
If you experience a lot of skipping, you must enable DMA mode on your DVD drive.
If you need to know how to do this, then post a reply to this saying so.
If not, happy watching

Let me know if this helped you at all, If not, I will try again.
P.S. Push ctrl-d to download new skins, the default is rather ugly
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