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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
It's a male connector coming off the motherboard. How can a male connector be crap? It's the female side on the PSU that would be the problem not having the necessary slide resistance to keep the connection tight to keep from heat buildup and making the female connector even weaker causing it expand more causing even more of a problem.
So then why is the problem pretty much only one specific evga board? The female connector can be out of spec just as easy as the male connector can. Mobo = Female connector, PSU = Male connector.

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
And you wonder why most people think you come off like a jerk all of the time. You sour grape peoples rigs like I have never seen.
I don't wonder that actually... Pretty sure I did post that I liked his rig, which I do.

Anyways, no need to derail this thread any more. Post more rig pics.

BTW, I like grapes.
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