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Originally Posted by Viral View Post
So let me get this straight... When multiple forum users post bad reports with SLI, they are all the same person with a vendetta against nvidia. Only proper review sites can be trusted to report on such matters!

When one person using a rather uncommon OS reports of an issue with CF it's a major problem and it's your duty to let everyone everywhere know.

Nice double standards, once again.
1. This thread isn't about SLi
2. I did IP checks on those people with the vendetta and proved they had multiple accounts, then other site admins used the IP addresses to verify. (again, fact, not my "guesses")
3. There are seven professional websites linked to in this thread noting these issues with ATi products. I'll post more as I see them.
4. I invite you to try to find a group of seven editors writing about SLi problems on a card's launch. I don't think you can find it. OTOH, I know I can do the same with previous ATi product launches , because this isn't the first thread like this I've created.

anonymous forum user /= professional review site
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