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This one is for you Rollo:


Update: I have gotten crossfire to work with the AMD web driver. I was using the cd driver before.

I installed the card with only 1 card physically installed. Once drivers were installed, I added the 2nd card in my PC, powered back up and enabled xfire in CCC.

MSI afterburner screwed my world up, so I had to disable the unofficial overclocking thingy. I was able to get 1125/1575 within ccc, 45% manual fan stable. Overclocking with afterburner in crossfire
can be annoying, I uninstalled it to do stability testing. Any 3rd party overclocking tools would cause me to BSOD. I uninstalled afterburner and sapphire trixx, overclocking only via CCC.

So far all games are showing signifigant scaling. Installation CD driver did not scale in witcher 2, now scales properly with signifigant framerate boost. Testing more. So far this driver seems signifigantly faster
than the cd driver.

And there's more:

Yeah i've been using the web driver and latest CAP with 7970 xfire and so far the ONLY game which doesn't utilize the 2nd gpu properly is Batman: AC.

These work and utilize both GPUs with vsync off at 80%+:

Crysis 2
Crysis Warhead
Witcher 2
Metro 2033
GTA IV + vice city
Shogun 2

So all of those games with complete stability. I'm not sure zerocore works but after leaving a game my 2nd GPU automatically turns off (you can see the gpu % go to 0 in afterburner, and the fan actually shuts off completely, pretty nifty)
This was on a fresh windows 7 install, I installed with the 1/9 web driver. After installing everything (from a system image) I powered down, put the 2nd card in, powered up and then enabled xfire.
I used the CD driver previously, i'm getting big performance jumps in about everything, and xfire works in witcher 2 now (which it didn't before with the cd driver)

So, I need to test more games. Next up is Bulletstorm. So far Batman: AC is the only negative mark with the 2nd GPU doing not much of anything.
I get no instability unless I try to use 3rd party overclocking software, but i've gotten MSI afterburner working again. Cards at 1125/1575 stable, 50% manual fan speed during use.

So how the F (excuse my language) is Batman: AC not supported in Xfire yet? How long ago was it released? Pretty stupid. But everything else for me works, with the web driver and latest CAP

Originally Posted by xoleras

I still feel like the article is suggesting that crossfire doesn't work at all, but crossfire does work.

I've found 2 games that don't work in crossfire with the 1/9 AMD driver, while a BUNCH do work (posted titles above) after testing last night i'd be interested in finding what specfically doesn't work for them. Now AMD deserves **** for stuff such as not having
a good CAP profile for games like Batman: AC for sure, can't argue that. I think the article leads one to believe the problems are worse than they are.

Happy now that the latest available driver on AMD's website fixes a lot of issues and a new driver is coming in the next few days to fix/address even more issues....
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