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Default Viewing angle of a S22A350H

I just got myself a 22" widescreen HD monitor from Samsung, the S22A350H. Before that, I was using a L90D+ from Hyundai, and was very happy with its quality, but wanted a bigger resolution.
Now, the S22A350H has nice colors and a good contrast, just like all the positive reviews said, but it seems that the angle sufficient for viewing the colors correctly is very limited: At the bottom half of the screen, the colors get brighter, and light blue like the one used on this site almost gets yellow. I can minimize the effect by turning the contrast to 0, but thats not the best solution…

The strange thing is, that this screen is one of the most popular in the 22" segment of amazon, and almost only has 4 or 5 star reviews, while the top reviews are even praising the extreme angles from which you could look at the screen.

Now either I am doing something wrong, or I simply bought the wrong screen. In the latter case, could you recommend me a screen with a similar price (around 150€)?

The screen is placed a bit below the height of my eyes, but of course my viewing angle varies, I am not sitting in the same position all the time
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