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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Saw this just now

Looks like the GK104 is going to be a solid midrange card to replace the GTX560 series, but even if it packs more shaders and increases it's single precision math ability to 2+ terraflops, the HD7970 has 3.7 terraflops, and the 256 bit memory bus also means less memory(2 GB) and less memory bandwith too, so this is no direct competitor to the HD7970....

That leaves the GK110 wich is a dual GPU card according to rumors, but in any case the cards will only start showing up in april so it's still 3 months out...
I must confess I'm not too savy on nVidia's codenames. However, if I'm not mistaken the "GTX660" will be slower than the 7970. Which means the "GTX680" will either be as fast, or just slightly faster. That only leaves the "GTX690" but that will have to compete with the 7990.

If all of that is true, then I wonder how tRollo will implement his damage control? The 7970 is a pretty decent increase over the 6970. Not so much over the GTX580. If the GTX680 is as fast or just barely faster than the 7970 how will it be an upgrade over a GTX580 or a 7970? And wouldn't that be less of a performance increase over previous gen than what the 7970 brought? Thinking about it, it just doesn't seem to make sense. I expect the GTX680 to lead the 7970 just as the GTX580 lead the 6970. Maybe even moreso.
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