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Default Re: Steam support SUCKS!!!!

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
OK my final update for this mess...

My account is now restored. Though the way they handled it was sh*t, and I caution anyone who has a large game list like I do or buys lots of games to avoid steam as much as possible and diversify. I can't believe I'm saying this but SecuROM is better than steam's login BS. Also be very cautious when buying during these steam sales when steam is so overloaded like is usually the case during them. I am now going to avoid steam as much as possible and I am definitely done buying directly from steam from now on.

To summarize quickly, Steam or their payment processor sent bad info to the bank according to the bank, thus leading to them not getting their money. Even though they initially must have sent the correct info at one time when they initially charged the card at purchase since I got my receipt and the game. Well long story short, steam called it a charge back which automatically causes your account to be suspended. Steam won't restore your account unless you get your bank to withdraw that "charge back". Sounds fine and dandy unless because of an ERROR by Steam or their payment processor, the transaction basically will not show up in any form in which the bank can withdraw the non existent "charge back". So you have to get your bank to FAX steam some confirmations that it wasn't fraud. And you get back your account with caveats.

Now we take you to the fun part.
1) Since you can't withdraw a non existent "charge back" they give you 5 days to repurchase the game in question or they'll suspend you again. That's right you paid $2.49 during the sale, but today you pay $9.99. While not really a big deal it still pisses me off I am getting penalized $7.50 for their error, but at least I know it was the last purchase. The biggest deal I have with the repurchase is what follows.

2) Steam doesn't care that it was an error on their part that this whole incident took place. They did not even investigate what the problem might be, nor did they even attempt to explain why they somehow screwed up, nor guarantee you that it wouldn't happen again. BUT they will threaten you that this is a one and only chance, and should any other kind of charge back happen again, your account will be permanently suspended along with all your games. So basically the forced me to buy it again at full price, and neither I nor Steam has any idea why it happened. So every purchase attempt on steam now will be like playing Russian roulette with my account. FUN FUN FUN.

On a side note, I don't think this "bug" is anything easily recreated, I did make several purchases after the incident that went through fine. I was probably just unlucky that it happened to my purchase, I would guess because the payment processor couldn't handle the load at that particular moment. But then again no one really knows why, but that is my best guess.
That has to be the biggest double back in the history of NVnews...You got bummed and swore never to get bummed again, then after all was sorted, you bend over and part cheeks willingly....good job
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