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Default Fedora 16 - 8400 GS - X freezes on first key stroke


Host with NV GS 8400 PCIE. Just installed Fedora 16 x86_64 KDE from live CD. Compiled linux kernel 3.2.1 with exclusion of nouveau driver. Booted in runlevel 3 and installed . After reboot, the login window shows up , the first key stroke freezes the UI, no mouse, no keyboard response. Ping requests to the host from a remote host fail, can't connect through SSH. Can't get any error/dmesg/log information.

If I boot on the default Fedora kernel using the nouveau driver, no problem at all, the nouveau driver is not very performing of course.

On the same host, the same setup works with Mageia 1 (kernel 3.2.1 and

Any clues what's going on and how to debug/solve this ? Is it related to 16 ? to GS 8400 + Fedora 16 ? to GS 8400 + ?

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