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Default Post your ASIC Quality.

The next new feature is ASIC quality, designed for NVIDIA Fermi (GF10x and GF11x GPUs) and AMD Southern Islands (HD 7800 series and above), aimed at advanced users, hardware manufacturers, and the likes. We've found the ways in which AMD and NVIDIA segregate their freshly-made GPU ASICs based on the electrical leakages the chips produce (to increase yield by allotting them in different SKUs and performance bins), and we've found ways in which ASIC quality can be quantified and displayed. Find this feature in the context menu of GPU-Z. We're working on implementing this feature on older AMD Radeon GPUs.
Download GPU-Z from here:

Open it up, select your GPU at the bottom, then click the little green GPU icon in the very top left and click on "Read ASIC Quality".

Post results here.

7970 #1: 79.9%
7970 #2: 83.6%
7970 #3: 74.5%
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