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Default Re: FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE

Originally Posted by bostik View Post
Hi adamk75,

yes my sources match my kernel release:

just updated with cvsup

[root@mrburns ~]# uname -ri
same error:

[root@mrburns ~]# kldload nvidia
kldload: can't load nvidia: Exec format error
Are you really sure you rebuilt your kernel after updating the kernel sources? This is the vital step. The kernel must be of the same age or younger than the sources are. (After your cvsup the sources are younger than the kernel!)

In a second step you have to build and install new nvidia driver (don't forget to 'make clean' before).

BTW, isn't it easier to patch the existing nvidia port a little bit to let him build and install the driver for you? Changing the version number in x11/nvidia-driver/Makefile and after that doing 'make makesum' should be enough to prepare the drivers build.

Hope this helps,
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