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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
On the chart we see 5 Gigaflops per watt for Kepler as the target, so assuming the usual 300 watt limit for PCI-e express power limit for single GPU cards, it'll give kepler 1.5 terraflops dual precision math ability if the entire 300 watts was dedicated to the GPU alone(wich it can't be as there's other stuff that needs power like the memory) ....No idea for single precision since it isn't listed.
To clarify this, they are judging against Tesla supercomputing boards. The first fermi computing board has a DP flops rating of 515 DP flops and a TDP of 238 watts. This amounts to 2.16 DP flops per watt. To hit their claimed 2.5 times this, they would hit 5.42 DP flops per watt. So, 5.42 x 238 watts = 1.28 teraflops DP, and since NVs DP rate is half their SP rate, SP flops would be 2.56 teraflops SP. Doesn't even beat the 6970(2.7teraflops), let alone the 7970(3.79 teraflops), at similar power.

It also depends on what TDP they are targeting for this 2.5x number. As lower end tends to be more efficent, maybe this 2.5x number only applies to a 200 watt product, that still puts them at 1.08 teraflops DP, still in line with the rumored "over 1 teraflop DP" number. I suspect this might be the case, and their high end will be a dual GPU board product.
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