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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Street view is nice but I'd rather have a better Garmin unit. Google Maps is ok but nothing beats a Garmin.
If my wife's garminfone had better hardware and software then that would be a great phone to have. The phone part itself along with the Android software sucks but it is a damn excellent GPS device.
My only problem with Garmin units is how much of a pain in the ass they are to update (actually having to plug them in, install software, then get the file and then use their software to push the updated maps).

Oh, and the fact that their search is HORRIBLE. The beauty of google maps is that the search is built in at the core of all of their products.

Someone can text me gps coordinates, or a link to their location (generated through google maps) or just the address and I can just click on it and jump right to it in google maps on my phone. I can search the web for places I want to go and then just click their address and it launches google maps... I can actually go to google maps and search and get the same accurate results. Names of weird places like "Crunchy's Bar" in East Lansing MI, doesn't come up on my Garmin unit, but google maps sure as hell had it. Oh and there's the fact that the Garmin interfaces are garbage. Resistive touch and no multi-touch (don't know how you would with resistive)... I can't pinch to zoom, I can't even be at a map (with guidance currently running) and scroll to other parts of the map and then quickly snap back to where I was on the map without it being a super slow interface and loading the "save location" option where it thinks you're manually specifying a location you want to go to.

I really think Garmin would do itself a favor if it just made a very durable, long battery life device running google maps. Their software is being quickly surpassed by Google maps.
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