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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Here's another one that's interesting and this time it's regards with the back end side of the GPU wich affects gaming, namely it's fillrate and texturing speed:

What's wrong with this picture when you know that Fermi has 50% more rops than the HD6970 and HD 7970( both have only 32) and also has a 384 bit memory bus(GTX 580 and HD7970), yet in mesured effective fillrate, the HD7970 kills it by 3.5 billion pixels per second, and even more than that relative to the HD6970, wich also has 32 rops and runs 75 Mhz less than the HD7970...

If the Rops were of the same capabilites for both Fermi and Tahiti, the fact that Fermi has 50% more of them(48 Rops) would more than offset the clock speed differences relative to Tahiti, and both cards have a 384 bit memory bus, so that isn't it either and memory speed differences alone between both cards isn't enough either.....It's like Nvidia stuffed the Fermi GPU full of Rops, but they're not very efficient and don't get used much in practical real world terms, so they seriously need to be reworked/enhanced independently of the amount used in Kepler and it isn't just about shading power exclusively.

Now there's texturing, where they use FP16 textures wich aren't widely used in games, but the results are surprising:

Much faster than even a GTX 590 says everything really, and there's 128 texture units in a single tahiti versus 128 texture units between both GPU's on the GTX590...The same goes for tesselation performance where it was a really strong point and the HD7970 is about 30% faster there...

Basically, whatever Kepler ends up being, it has to be improved/completely new in every area for gaming and GP-GPU computing over the Tahiti chip to cover all possible markets, both the gaming and the professional GP-GPU markets, while still comply with the 300 watt PCI-e power limits for a single GPU.....Dual GPU cards from both companies will blow thru that limit like it wasn't even there and that's before they're even overclocked...
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